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We were the first. We are the originals. We started this trend and have no intentions in giving it up. Keep talking shit P.M.M.


We are professionals. We care for our communities. We give back to our communities but we will not tolerate the disrespect, the lies, and the slandering that these women have been putting out. We are fed up, sick and tired and disgusted with these cheap low blow side shot acts that these bitches have been continuously been bulling. Getting her member’s- friends to talk shit.. sending others to do her DIRTY WORK…STOP! comparing us …We are nothing alike… Latina Vamp stop being a CRY BABY already. Now it’s time to face the music P.M.M. 


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  IT’S TIME TO MEET FACE TO FACE ONE ON ONE…MANY TIMES I called you out asking you to use your hateful energy towards something positive… Baseball game RRM V’s PMM winner donates to a charity of choice and again always declining… your nothing about charity or giving back it’s all for the show we all know you pocket and keep the funds you raise …your all talk and no action yet to face me….FUCK your email bullshit! Stop being so insecure your like a broken record the same old song I WAS HERE FIRST … get over it and move the fuck on…

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Adela Delgado

Adela Delgado

Adela Delgado is responsible for over 400 RRM Members worldwide.
Mrs. Delgado holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from USC