CSS Design Awards
01 May 2016

Maribel Lopez Member of the Months MAY AND JUNE

    Getting to know our beautiful Maribel, also known as Mari. Maribel is a loving daughter, sister, and mother who was born in Merced California to her mom who was only 15 when she gave birth to her. She grew up in Central Valley but had to move a

11 Apr 2016

RedRoseMafia East Los Angeles FUND RAISER FOR CHILDREN: Estrada Courts

Duel Boxing: Quit flapping those lips and Come and Get Some! Calling all Female Fighters to come out and volunteer for a great cause… And For all you fools out there that’s been running your mouth and talking that hi power bullshit… Now’s the time to put your money where your

11 Apr 2016

RRM: Chicana Heroes of the Streets!

Don’t be Alarmed if you see one of these beautiful ladies flying down the street! Their here for you, for our communities and for tomorrow!!! So you get your phone cameras out and start snapping shots if you see one in your hood! To the residents of Los Angeles: They