28 May 2016

You've Never Seen Skating Like This Before

“It doesn’t matter what we wear or what we look like, because we can do some seriously badass stuff.”   You’ve Never Seen Skating Like This Before When describing her fellow skaters, one member of the all-female Moxi Skate Team put it like this: “We are tall and short; we

01 May 2016

Quarterly Member Recognition: Maribel Lopez

“I love each and every one of my girls but there comes a time that one or some stand beyond and above the rest. This is where the RRM Recognition Quarterly comes in place” -Adela RRM International Talent & Member Appreciation Getting to know our beautiful Maribel, also known as

06 Mar 2016

looking for models

      We’re looking for new models and members. We are an internationally recognized organization with a purpose and vision. Our initiative is dedicated to impacting the lives of women, we are a true sisterhood, strengthening families and transforming communities. We carry ourselves with dignity, class and self respect.

05 Nov 2015

Strength comes in all forms

Strength comes from dignity, respect, integrity, love and loyalty. Not from what color you wear or where you are from. Senseless violence isn’t strength, anyone can go out and hurt another human being. Strength is standing up, helping and protecting another human being. Love, Mercy, Respect, Honor, Loyalty. Red Rose