30 Oct 2017

Behind every tree there’s a new monster. LA Zombie Shoot

ZOMBIE SHOOT LOS ANGELES     We like to thank our guest photographers for the amazing video and photoshoot. Photographers Joshua Villasenor-@PEREZJCR @SINCERELYYTOURS.94 @_MSVEEEE  Video By @_iboogs24  @wheresthelxve @sokrew Doberman Pinscher ROCCO The ladies of RRM are known for doing theme photoshoots and enjoy doing them. What will our next

13 Sep 2017


30 Aug 2017

Texas family swept away in flood: 'They went to heaven holding hands' because of Hurricane Harvey.

    (CNN)As his brother tells it, Sammy Saldivar tried his best to maneuver around Harvey’s floodwaters. Sammy packed his elderly parents and their four great-grandchildren into a van as water rose around their northeast Texas home on Sunday. He wanted to turn around as he approached a waterlogged bridge

01 Nov 2016

Defamation: Libel and Slander | ExpertLaw

http://www.wikihow.com/Sue-for-Defamation When to Sue for Defamation, Slander, and Libel HELPFUL LINKS TO  Protect Yourself & Others  

19 Sep 2016

RRM October Updates

FROM THE RRM HEADQUARTERS   RRM October Agenda 2016 The Los Angeles Deaf Glam Fashion which is held annually at the LA City Hall.  This is RRM’s 2nd time participating and we are so honored to be invited back.  RRM is ready to strut their stuff!!  This is my first

05 Nov 2015

Strength comes in all forms

Strength comes from dignity, respect, integrity, love and loyalty. Not from what color you wear or where you are from. Senseless violence isn’t strength, anyone can go out and hurt another human being. Strength is standing up, helping and protecting another human being. Love, Mercy, Respect, Honor, Loyalty. Red Rose